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Bromo Tour Package 2 days 1 night from Surabaya

Bromo Sunrise Tour, Mount Bromo TravelBromo Tour Package 2 days 1 night of Surabaya is a holiday program to Mount Bromo. These Juanda International Airport and hotels in the area of Surabaya city tour then headed to Mount Bromo in East Java Indonesia. The distance that we traveled for about 3 hours drive to get to the Inn at bromo. Because of the duration of 2 days 1 night, we prepare to spend the night in hotel accommodation Mount Bromo. One of the famous tourist attraction in East Java, bromo travel is also so typical of the culture of the people who called Tengger tribe. So in addition to enjoying a holiday in bromo, tourists can find out instantly their habits the next day.

Bromo Tour Package, Mount Bromo Travel
Bromo tour visitors are not a few who come to see first hand the process of emergence of sunrise. They are willing to get up at night to prepare everything in burutuhkan in order to get to the mountain climbing. Sunrise at Bromo emits stunning panoramic views, where the craters bromo white smoke and Mount Semeru also can be seen from this mountain climbing. For more details, below we list the itinerary travel packages bromo 2 days 1 night from Surabaya :

The first day (Surabaya - Hotel in Bromo)
In Surabaya met by our guide and then by our driver in between to get to the hotel in the area bromo which takes about 3 hours drive, (Pick-up time during the day)
Lunch at a typical restaurant or food around East Java
Then proceed to the hotel, and check-in
• Travelers can sleep
The second day (Hotel in Bromo - Bromo Sunrise Travel)
Hunting sunrise in mountain climbing, leaving at 3 am driving a Jeep 4x4 wd
• Leading to the top of the hotel about 1 hour drive climbing, until in climbing can enjoy hot drinks such as coffee, tea and other foods
Right at 5am sunrise and views of bromo began to appear, you can take pictures to capture the moment.
Once satisfied to see the sights bromo, down to the sea of sand bromo area with Jeep 4x4 wd.
From the parking sea of sand, tourists can walk or use the horse rental services to the crater of Mount Bromo.
From the crater bromo back toward the Jeep parking for drop off at hotel
Breakfast and getting ready to check out
Transfer to a recent visit by a driver and our guide (Surabaya airport)
• Program trip travel packages bromo completed
We as a travel agent in East Java, which provides travel packages bromo ready to serve your trip. With professional guides your holidays will be enjoyable and memorable. Please click the link for reservations bromo travel.