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Bromo Sunrise Tour 2 Days 1 Night From Surabaya

Bromo Sunrise Tour - Bromo become a place to see sunrise view, precisely in mountain climbing.
Tourist arrivals not only see the sunrise, there are several locations in the bromo crater became popular places including bromo, savannah and sand hills whisper.
But to get to that location requires a Jeep vehicle, the lease it for 800 thousand dollars and the equipment we keep warm because the air temperature in the mountain climbing around 8-12 degrees Celsius.
Bromo Sunrise Tour 2 Days 1 Night From Surabaya we summarize for foreign tourists who want to enjoy the view of the sunrise from the east on mountain climbing.
The departure schedule as follows:
First Day : 
Go to Surabaya hotel in the area of Bromo, drive from Surabaya will take about 3 hours, picked up by our driver and tour guide. After arriving at the hotel, check in hotel and free program.
Day Two :  
At about 3:00 am, tourists will be in the wake by the hotel concierge for preparation for climbing the mountain to drive a Jeep. About 30 minutes drive climbing will get to enjoy the view of sunrise. (bring your camera to take pictures). Once satisfied in climbing, you will be brought down k sea of ​​sand to the crater bromo. But to get to the crater, tourists can ride a horse at a cost of 150 thousand dollars. After Bromo's crater, to the next two locations namely savannah and sand hill whispered. All four locations in bromo visit, back to the original hotel to have breakfast and get ready to check out the tour will take you to the next or to the airport in Surabaya. and programs bromo sunrise tour 2 days 1 night finish.
For how to order, please send them to the email address listed on our website.

 Has included 
-Accommodation Hotel in Bromo
-Breakfast At hotel
-Jeep / Hardtop
-Supir, Fuel, tolls and parking
-Water mineral
-The need personal
-Tiket Entered bromo
-Eat Lunch & dinner